We started Ice Media back in 2008 with the vision of supporting other start-ups, but at the same time delivering excellent work to our own customers. After 10 years of hard work and with new beginnings ahead of us, we want to continue to offer value to our customers and help them fulfill their goals.

We pride ourselves with an organizational culture in which performance and continuous improvement are the key in everything we put our mind and effort in. We think that having a team whose members make every effort in becoming the best at what they do and whose members are working tirelessly on their professional and personal development, serves in enhancing the effectiveness and quality of the services we are providing to our customers. We are at our customers disposal, with great thoroughness and professionalism, for every plans or ideas they want to bring to life together, in the fields of programming, web design, graphic design, online marketing etc.

So, let’s put our minds and hearts to working together and bringing ideas to life!

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